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On saturday afternoon, our international bands will be joined by local Dutch bands to fill all the podia in the city center. Check the full program HERE
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Project: Brass
Sint Geertruid - NL

Project Brass is a band consisting of 1 girl and some guys. Is it a long term project? Who knows... The band is coming from the far south of the Netherlands and rehearses in the beautiful village of Sint Geertruid. Influenced by the many brass street bands over the world, they play brass covers of the most favourite classic and current (pop) songs.

Maastricht - NL

'Music unites' has been redefined by BomBRASStic. All of the musicians got to know each other through making music in different bands. This friendship is the foundation of th epowerfull, dynamic and harmonic sound they create. Combined with catchy tunes, the succes and a promis of Bombrasstic is guaranteed. In short; BomBRASStic is fantasic!

Rue d'Anvers
Bergen op Zoom - NL

Rue d'Anvers, founded in 2006, consits of a group of musicians with a load of experience in brass music. The band is led by a striking Grand Marchal. They play free improvisations and rehearsed arrangements in a mix. However, nothing is certain with them because surprise elements are almost certain. Initially the band started years ago with a repertoire of traditional jazz music from the banks of the Mississippi and the old New Orleans... As the years went by, it was time for a completely new and refreshing repertoire. Traditional jazz songs are now interspersed with (swinging) French Chansons and dazzling Latin songs. A party for the audience but certainly also for the musicians themselves!

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Les Philfolles
Maastricht - NL

Fanfare Les Philfolles )fanfare des femmes) is a band of 14 woman and one man from Maastricht, The Netherlands. Founded in 1989, the group was inspired by a female brassband from Paris and Chaupiques Brassband from their hometown. With the help of Chaupiques, they learnt how to read music and play instruments. They have created their own unique sound which is a mixture of pop, Dutch-pop, soft-rock, disco and funk. Over the years, they performed at many street events, festivals and bars, not only in the Netherlands, but also in cities like Valencia, Dublin and Madrid. The band enjoys playing while surrounded by people and is always in the mood for a party!

Hurricane Brassband
Maastricht - NL

The sound of the Hurricane Brassband from Maastricht (the Netherlands) is unique. This marching band knows how to play the way the old New Orleans brassbands sounded. Do you remember the music of the famous Eureka, Tuxedo or Onward Brassband? The band played several times at large jazz festivals like the jazz festivals of Ascona, Lichtensteig and Lenk (CH), Music festival Riesa (I), jazz festivals of Dresden, Gronau (D), Breda, Enkhuizen and Delfzijl (NL). They even played in the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans where they played several times at the 'French Quarter festival'. Apart from this, you may also encounter them at Gospel concerts in churches. The brassband has regularly been inspired through workshops by Lilian Bouttém, Thomas L'Etienne, Milton Batiste, (Olympia Brass Band), Benny Jones (Treme Brass Band), Rick Trolsen and their world famous friend Leroy Jones. Music for all occasions, streeparades, jazzfests, on the street or in a pub, funerals etc. They also offer different workshops on the theme "New Orleans and traditional Brassband Music"!

Slim Vitz Kids
Maastricht - NL

Bigband the SLIM Vitzkids, is one of the few bands in the Netherlands which literally and figuratively grows. The band director is trumpet player Marc Huynen which teaches them swinging, groovy compositions from famous jazz musicians like Art Blakey, Joe Zawinul and Herbie Hancock.

The band played with famous musicians such as Benjamin Herman, Anton Goudsmit and Eric Vloeimans. The musicians are all students from music schools in Maastricht, Heerlen and Aachen and their age lies between 8 and 16 years old.